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Cold weather every day, hot cars, hot cars the way you right?

Holds many lessons for the weather is getting cold, a lot of drivers do not know how the vehicle maintenance and safe driving in winter, to teach you how hot cars to reduce damage to the car and secure on the road!

Why a hot car?

A lot of people know, said hot car, but did not know why hot car. In fact, the main reason is that the hot car, parked the car after a long time, inside the engine oil flows back into the lower part of the machine inside the engine oil pan. Thus after the ignition, the upper half of the engine is in the condition of no lack of lubrication oil, about to about 30 seconds after launch, only because of the operation of the oil pump and the oil delivered to the engine requiring lubrication piston, connecting rod and crankshafts and other components.

299% of people use the wrong method

Said lower winter temperatures, hot car is necessary, but most owners do not think the car early in the morning or long after the launch vehicle to idle speed in situ hot car, and three to five minutes and then hit the road for the best car.

According to statistics, engine parts wear parts have more than 90% of the proportion, within three minutes after launch due to cold. Thus, the winter, especially in cold winter remind situ hot cars idling can easily damage the engine, we recommend the use of low-speed vehicle owners traveling slowly approach the hot car.

Although the hot car is necessary, but the way in situ hot cars idling and desirable, because only the engine moving, the rest did not move, can not convert kinetic energy, moving slowly and only after a period of time in order to improve the engine, such as road conditions.

3 1% of people do that

The correct approach should be hot car after launch 30-1 seconds after the road, but this time do not to be high-speed driving, should be kept at a low speed, engine speed to no more than 3000 to 3500 into a limit, generally maintained 2000 rpm, otherwise the engine and transmission are subject to intense wear and tear, but can not be restored. Until the engine temperature rose to normal operating temperature after (probably need 3-5 minutes of time), then you can resume normal driving.

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