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In addition to auto wipers do not use snow

After the snow, ready to drive some people to work out first thing in the morning to give their cars Kiyoshi. Automotive snow, snow methods.

Some people in the morning rush to work and saw all the snow on the windshield of the vehicle in front, it will turn on the wipers cleared immediately got into the car, in fact, this is a wrong approach. There is snow on the windscreen, using the wipers snow, can cause damage to its rubber and other plastic parts, but easy to scratch the glass. The correct approach is to start the car, turn on the hot air and let it blow the windshield forward, then brush or towel to remove the snow. In addition to the net until the snow base, after the melting of snow and ice on the windshield, and then do the final cleaning wipers.

If you think the snow is too cumbersome, the public can give your car or windshield draped pieces of "coat", so even then a thick snow, the "dress" one off it is needed. When selecting sewing owners must choose the right size, after use should be folded flat, do not arbitrarily crumpled to avoid leaving many small folds in the car, clothing, car paint wear at the next use. If the home has a large biodegradable garbage bags, you can cut a chunk size according to the front windshield. After stopping the car, the plastic cover on the glass, with the left and right sides of the front door caught in the middle with wipers hold him down, while driving in the morning directly to the bag can be removed.

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