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Automotive engine oil pressure is low Cause Solution

Automotive engine oil pressure is low but the ultimate manifestation of a fault system, which may result in damage to the piston, crankshaft and the size of the tile, and other engine parts.

Automotive engine oil check

The reason the engine oil pressure is low in general are:

1, engine oil storage volume is too small, resulting in low oil pressure.

Solution: make refueling.

2, the oil is dirty, sticky, causing the oil suction oil pump can not pump out, resulting in a low oil pressure or no pressure.

Solution: oil changes.

3, thinning the oil leak from the friction pair gap in the engine, causing the oil pressure is low.

Solution: oil change or cooling system overhaul.

4, oil pipeline leak, oil pump damage or excessive wear and tear parts, such as the gap between the crankshaft and the size of tile exceeded, pressure limiting valve, relief valve spring is too soft or damage caused by steel ball valve function disappeared, will lead to oil suction pump volume decreased, leading to low oil pressure or no pressure.

Solution: overhaul.

5, oil sensor plug, oil pressure gauge or low pressure circuit malfunction.

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