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Cold extrusion

The function of cold extrusion can be understood as placing the metal blank in the cold extrusion cavity. We see that it is placed at room temperature and the punch fixed to our press applies pressure to the blank. Make the metal in the raw material become plastic deformation, so that our company can obtain the processing method of parts. Today, our country and company have been able to cold extrude lead, tin, aluminum, copper, zinc and their alloys, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, tool steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel. Bearing steel, high carbon and aluminum tool steel, high speed steel, etc. can also be cold extruded in Dongguan. In terms of extrusion equipment, our company has the ability to design and manufacture various tonnage extruders in China. In addition to cold extrusion, we can also successfully use constant friction press and high-speed equipment for cold extrusion production.

The possibility of cold extrusion is usually more than 80%. For example, the possibility of using cutting materials in piston pin activities of Jiefang brand automobile can reach 43.3% of the market, while the utilization rate of materials consumed in cold extrusion can be increased to 92%; for example, we will use cold extrusion materials to increase the utilization rate of cardan bearing sleeve from 27.8% in the past to 64%. It can be seen that the mechanical parts produced by cold extrusion can save a lot of steel and non-ferrous materials.

Cold extrusion

Inorder to ensure that the cold extrusion method is reasonable and feasible in technology and economy, our company usually adopts the following indicators for measurement:

1?? For example, for larger extrusion parts, the larger the tonnage of the equipment required, the more difficult it is to use cold extrusion.

2?? For example, the more complex the shape of extruded parts, the greater the degree of deformation, and the more cold extrusion processes required.

3?? For example, the precision and surface roughness of extruded parts are limited, and the increase of trimming process will improve the precision of extruded parts.

4?? For example, the extruded material will directly affect the difficulty of extrusion and the allowable deformation.

5?? For example, the cost of extruded parts usually includes material cost, material preparation cost, tool and mold manufacturing cost, cold extrusion processing cost and subsequent processing cost. This is a comprehensive indicator and a key factor to play a role.

6?? For example, when the volume of extruded parts is large, the total cost can be reduced.

Through comprehensive analysis and synthesis of the above indicators, we can clearly choose the best processing solution. The concrete and mark of the best processing plan is: it will use as little extrusion process and intermediate annealing time as possible, and then meet the technical requirements of extrusion parts in the market with the lowest material consumption, the highest die life and production efficiency. The whole cold extrusion process should include blanking process, pre forming process, auxiliary process, cold extrusion process and subsequent processing process. The design of cold extrusion process is the core work of making cold extrusion process plan.

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